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Found 22nd Feb
Not sure if I can add this if not I’ll take it down, but I came across this website Boomerang Rentals, just wondering if anyone on here has had experience using it before? & would you recommend using it?

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I have bought a lot of games from them and not had a problem they are what they say " like new "
Recommend them 100% great service. If games are in stock, 9 times out of 10 you receive them the next day via Royal Mail. I’m on the £15.99 membership.
I used them before the Xbox One came out, now with gamesharing and other region purchasing it's cheaper to buy digital.

Had no issues with them at all, fast turn around
Been with them for years, the service is absolutely fantastic. If you're looking to rent new games then I'd recommend getting the Priority 1/2 package. I've always received new games on the release date. If the game you want isn't in stock you earn points which can be used towards discounts on purchases, extra game rentals, or if you earn enough you can get a free month.

Easily the best subscription service I have ever signed up for. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as they do quite a few giveaways for new releases or even beta codes.
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I’ve been with them for a few years. Quality service,great way to play new/old games without paying full price for them. Also like the poster above, priority 1/2 are the best. I got all the latest Xbox one & PS4 games on the release date
Another good word for them from me.
They’re a great service and resolve issues super quicker. A game didn’t arrive back with them they said no problem and continued. Another time a game was damaged, the gave me my two subscribed rentals and a replacement on top of it at the same time!

Very quick and efficient support
how long can you keep a game for?
Thanks for all the comments, I’m gonna give it a go haha, you’ve all been a massive help 👌🏼
EN1GMA22 h, 46 m ago

how long can you keep a game for?

As long as you like. Over a year if you pay the subscription. That would defeat the point though. May as well just buy the game at that stage. It’s good if you want to try out a bunch of games.
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