Boost bars shrunk, did they think nobody would notice?

Found 1st Jun 2013
Bought a Boost bar the other day, thought it was a bit small but thought I may have got a dud. Turns out they've shrunk the bars from 60.5g to 48.5g, 20% less! Of course the price has stayed the same! Cheek of it!
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The Boost Duo bars are about 29p in Home Bargains at moment.
And people will still buy them, because they have no other option.

Money wins.
Several grams have been taken away on chocolate and crisps over the years yet the prices still rise.
Been noticed but not much I can do about it. I could write to Cadurys & Mars to complain but I have more important things to do with my life.
Such as having one.
This has happened to loads of foods
so has everything else, Tins of John West Tuna 185g to 160g, Nescafe double choca mocha 10 sachets to 8 sachets, oil, bread etc etc
I saw Jaffa cakes a yard long , weird
I just thought I was getting fatter!
My wife came home the other day with a packet of Foxs Biscuit assortment. What a bloody rip off!


Edited by: "Mark2111" 1st Jun 2013
eating a crunchie the other day i thought it was pretty big (the crunchie) but its just shrunk less than the rest


wait a min... are you saying boosts are not truly delicious....................?!

if so, this cancels both gifs from the other day and your next 3.
shame on you.
20% less fat

20% less fat

nah, will have to eat two now.

SO thats 40% less fat win all round!

well.... its still 20% less assuming id have eaten 2 in both cases
actully.. that part is true i would ..nom nom nom
WW3 imminent.

thought I may have got a dud

Haha. Love how this was your first thought
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