My 6 year old needs a new booster seat, as her old one has just about had it, and doesnt hold the belt now really. any deals going or best buys advice welcomed.


    i can highly recommend the greco one i think 17.99 in toys r us what i have found with booster seats if you get cheaper ones is the seat belt never seems to fit correctly.

    I agree with Keli, got one of these last year in boots for my neice for only £9.99, they have went up quite a bit but a great car seat and it still looks brand new.
    Amazon have one for £8.97 plus £5.99 p&p so still under £15 which isnt bad as the rrp on these is £22.99.…661

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    her last disney one from tesco has kept sliding her all over the place, and doesnt hold the seat belt either. the back of it never stayed on so has been using just the booster bit. is useless really. needs some head support i think so at least she could have a doze, after long day at school. do you think at 5 a booster seat on its own is good enough. i just dont know.

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    Graco Booster seat with Cupholders Specification..

    Effectively the 'seat bit' of the Junior Seat. Sold separately for older children


    Adjustable height on armrests
    Adjustable armrests
    Ensures that the adult seat belt sits in the right position for your child
    2 retractable Cup Holders
    Seatbelt adjuster inluded
    Padded seats
    Easy to transport from one car to the next
    Weight :- 2.52kg
    Group 3 Car Seat
    22 to 36 Kg (about 5-11 years old)

    Hope this helps

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    thanks am wiser now, i guess this should be enough. am still wondering if should by the whole unit as graco seems good. then maybe she could split like this later, its easier to manage her if she is able to sleep a little on journeys, like her baby seat, and i dont have to hear, are we there yet, every 2 mins.
    does the two part one hold together properly in use or just pop off every two minutes. i think i like the idea of having the chest band across her right as she hates them and tends to put under her arm if it slips out without me knowing.

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    any other opinions before i go and buy thanks

    i agree think the whole unit would be best as could be separated later on and like you say they never like the seatbelt! not sure of prices as a whole but i know halfords have 50% off at the mo and they are £49 for it :thumbsup: good luck and happy shopping
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