Posted 19th Jan 2023
I can't seem to see any chatter about it this year, but is there a suggested or known date for the Boots 70% off sale yet? I thought it could be this Friday, but it's strange to not see any discussion on it yet. Anyone heard anything?
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    I've been walking past and checking almost daily ( I work nearby). still alot of stock but at 50%. I might go in and ask today.
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    It’s definitely not on at the Forte Glasgow today 
    Was planning to go to this morning but Boots was in the opposite direction and wasn't sure if it will worth the effort. Thanks for letting us know (edited)
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    I remember when this was massive we all talked about it for weeks on end ! I still love it , will probably still go Xx
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    Hi any update?
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    Hardly any stock left anyway
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    I think in the past it has always been on a Friday, usually the last one in Jan however last year it was delayed until Feb/March if I remember correctly...and there was hardly anything left as previous poster said (edited)
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    Any news on this
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    Reading on line they are saying it maybe tomorrow 27/1/23
    Where did you read this
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    Hi does anyone have an update on this? Anyone work in boots? (edited)
    Not on this week .
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    Has anyone had any updates? I read this Friday.
    Where did you read this? I'll ask instore tomorrow.
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    I asked when in store today and was told they hadn't heard anything
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    Any updates? And how would we know 😩
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    I went in and asked this morning. A staff member said that they don't know when it'll be, she thought it would be today as its normally a Wednesday but no sign of it yet.
    It's not been a Wed for years 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
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    Has anyone heard anything, could it start today?
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    In Boots Wolves and 50% signs still up
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    No worries. Stock had been tidied up since Tuesday and there were a few new items out.
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    seems to be very little in the way of gift sets in three branches I use -was picked over after xmas, just a load of the usual tat that never sells e.g cups, harry potter rucksacks, baking sets, chipotle sauces and oils etc in a rack etc.
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