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Found 3rd Jan 2013
Anybody know when the sale changes from 50% off to 75% off. I thought I would have seen a thread on here by now.
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I think last year it was about the 18th of January - was a Wednesday anyway. I'm sure it's about the same time every year. If you look for old threads then it should give you the exact date and then it will be the nearest Wednesday this year. MSE are usually pretty good for the boots sale insider info.
I've not been impressed with their stuff this year. Don't think I'll bother with the 75% off sale this year - I normally love it, but trying hard to resist stockpiling cheap gifts as I had loads of stuff left over this year
Hope that made sense and helps
Thanks for that, I thought it was earlier than that and have done a search but nothing has come up
Biased on previous years I would take a guess that it's gonna be Wednesday 16th of January I can't wait love a bargin an there is always loads to be had at boots would hate to miss it done it for five year
No, otherwise no one would buy anything at 50% off if they knew when it was going to be 75% off.
But not everyone knows.

Why buy christmas presents in November and December when you know there are going to be sales on boxing day?

This is the 5th thread asking the same question … This is the 5th thread asking the same question :(

Why the face Space ? Last year about 15 people posted the same question. Let them be & don't be critical
The lists that spaceinvader has given are all last years, not this years!
There is a thread about this on MSE with the past 4/5 years dates, judging by that it will be the 4th Wednesday after Christmas - the 16th as myboysrock said
My stockpile is looking good this year but maybe I'll have a little look and maybe add a few more bits when I goes to 75% off
Not on this year at all!
Who said
I think Yolo trying to start a false rumour so she can nab the goodies...LOL
2013 it was 16th Jan
2012 it was 18th Jan
2011 it was 19th Jan
2010 it was 20th Jan
2009 it was 14th Jan

So a possible pattern It's always on a Wednesday and as long as I've been a booster I've heard that "there will be no 75% sale this year" from the Sales assistants/Boots Head Office/Customer Service/ Forums etc etc Bottom line really, in my opinion anyway, is that Boots need to get the Christmas stuff off the shelves and the suntan lotion and general summer stuff on. They obviously don't want to "advertise" a 75% as let's be honest, folk aren't going to be rushing out then to buy at 50%. Would be amazed if it didn't happen as usual.
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