Found 8th Jan 2008
I'm waiting for my boots adv card,
If I've already spent 250quids, is there a way to transfer points on the card wich I don't have yet?


Hiya, only if you got receipt validated in store they'll then add your points on.

My sister was awaiting her card and hadnt received it when she ordered some stuff online, she phoned up customer services and they checked her details and added the points to her card before she received it.

If you brought stuff instore you have to have your receipt validated and then they will add then next time you take your card in

Hope this helps

Original Poster

what if bought in online store?

As I said earlier, my sister brought stuff online and hadnt received her card at that time, so when her order can through, she phoned customer services and told them that she was still waiting for her card, they took her details ( name, address) tracked her new card no. and added the points to the card, so when she received it, she put it in one of the advantage card machines at boots and the points were on there!!!

Give customer services a ring
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