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Found 22nd Mar
Hi, I have about £28 of points on my Advantage Card,but want to buy something which costs more.

I understand you can not part use your points for payment.

Is it possible to buy something from Boots with my points,and then return it and have it refunded onto a Boots giftcard?

So then I can use that in part payment and order what I want?

Do I show my 1st receipt to get the refund,will they just put the points back onto my Advantage Card ,or give me an option of a giftcard?

Anyone who works at Boots,might be able to help me.
Thanks in advance.
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It would be refunded back as points onto your card.
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sparky6424 m ago

It would be refunded back as points onto your card.

But if I don’t show my receipt,can I have the refund on a giftcard?
Will they be happy to refund,or just refuse a refund without a receipt?
Depends what the item is - if it is only available at Boots the manager may refund on gift card. But if the item is available in other stores then they would want a receipt.

Thats abit cheeky though! I have almost £80 in points and i just save up until i have enough. The refund should rightly go back on you Boots card as points
Boots wont refund it onto a giftcard. No reciept they will but it onto an adbantage card for you.

If they investigate further You could end up losing the £28 altogether. Is it worth it?
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