Boots Advantage Card points

Anyone know if you can pay for something in points and then take it back for a refund in cash? I'm guessing that this would not be allowed.

Me and the missus have got an obscene amount in points and would love the cash equivalent to put towards a holiday.



no you cant, could you not buy something like a camera or something and then sell

No you cant im afraid. They will exchange things but not refund

I bought a perfume with my points once but then decided I didn't want it.

I took it back with no receipt and they gave me a voucher card thingy for the amount instead - maybe you could do that and then sell the voucher on, you would get more money than selling an item.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:

Why don't you use the points to get your Christmas presents sorted (early i know) but then you wont have to fork out so much then so saving money...logic in there somewhere honestly lol.
Or...use the points to buy stuff for a holiday, swimming suit, toiletries, sun tan lotion, towel, camera. Some of them you might end up wanting to buy for a holiday anyway.
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