BOOTs Cancelled my Girls IPod Order

I ordered a ipod from them on Wednesday with Discount code from here, all was well till I got this email from them today.....

Thank you for placing your order with

I?m sorry to advise you that your order has been cancelled due to a problem with our warehouse.

I can understand how disappointing this is and hope this doesn't discourage you from shopping with us again.

Ha! What an excuse! Now I'll have to find another Pod..:oops:


Well I used discount codes for GHDs and i still got them, maybe there actually WAS problems with the warehouse. They'd tell you if they wern't going to honour it because of the vouchers.

I ordered the sub £10 digibox that was on here a few months ago came to £12 something with delivery, due delivery date came and went so I got on the phone to them they had some problem and told me to consider the order as being cancelled due to technical difficulties, the same with my dads freeview hdd recorder for about sixty five quid but they sent him a £20 giftcard as compo.

Anyway about 2 months later courier turns up with digibox checked bank statement and had been charged so I called them up said as I was told it had been cancelled I had been elsewhere and got one, got offered £20 giftcard which is ok as we always buy their nappies, digibox and £20 worth of nappies for £12 odd.

Doesnt end there same day my dad got a delivery freeview hdd recorder courtesy of boots but he had paid via paypal so he logged onto paypal and checked, the boots order and deduction had expired so to sum it up -- £65 freeview recorder £20 gift card all for free!!!!

Moral of this story get on the blower to them say how dissapointed you are and let them know you know they give giftcards as a gesture of goodwill and at least all is not lost!!!

Oh and theres a freephone number instead you can ring instead of their 0845 one:

[CENTER][SIZE=4]Customer Care Team,
Advantage &
Gift card Helpline options
0800 9150004[/SIZE][/CENTER]

their customer service is usually excellent, so give them a call

Original Poster

Thank you, i will call them:thumbsup:
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