Boots click and collect?

Found 29th Dec 2014
Anyone else's boots click and collect order not arrive on the stated day? wondering whether it's because of the sale
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Another one here who has been let down by Boots.
Asked them to send to a store on the other side of town as we would of been there yesterday but not today.
Now we have to make a special trip to pick up the item.
Yeah mine was due yesterday so went into store with no luck!
I phoned them earlier about a home delivery and they have a voice loop saying some deliveries are affected due to weather conditions and to phone them on Tuesday/Wednesday if nothing has arrived.
A lot of the time, click collect boxes aren't scanned in by anyone, left in receiving Bay until someone realises and does something about it. Or person at the till you ask, brings them up and scans it in in front of you.
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