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Does any one have any experience with them. I'd rather not have to call them because I hate the phone, but I sent them an email just over a week ago now and they have yet to respond, the autoresponder said they usually reply within 2 working days, so I sent another one on Friday and they haven't replied to that yet either :x


The few times I have had to deal with them they have been excellent on the phone, really helpful. I've given uup emailing big companies as it usually doesn't get replied to until after you have forgot about what you emailed about!

Emails are best sent directly to named staff for their attention - it's probably just easier to call them - they don't bite.


Don't be afraid to call them, I order loads from these (having lots of kids and a vain partner) but have very rarely needed to call as they are normally spot on with my online orders. On the very few occasions that I have called, they have been one of the best Customer Service people I have dealt with! :-D

Gone on, pick up the phone and good luck.

I used them recently when I returned a faultly ipod nano.
However they do not notify you when they refund the card.

It took a week for them to answer my email, phoning was straight forward and painless no hastle and very courtious, got through to customer service very quickly. Returns form can be printed from their website.
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