[BOOTS] Does anyone know the name of some pre-sun tablets to accelerate real tanning?

A while ago, there was an article in the Sunday Mirror about some tablets available in Boots...

...basically, you take this course of tablets (for a month I think) prior to sun exposure. Upon exposure these tablets are supposed to heavily accelerate a suntan!

Sadly, I've lost the article, so can't find the name of them - and wonder if anyone can help?

AFAIK, they were about £15 and it was in the Sunday Mirror magazine abo0ut 4-6 weeks ago.

THANKS if you're able to help!


Just did a search for you

Are these them???


cheaper option is to eat lots of carrots:)

Broken link


That page seems to be down at the mo, but this lists it

Original Poster

amcol - you're a STAR! That's exactly them (the same things I could'nt find when searching through Boots myself!).

THANKS for your help, all!
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