Boots Kitchen Appliances - Unreliable?

Found 1st Jul 2007
Have I just been unlucky or have other HUKD members had problems with the online Boots kitchen appliances? I have ordered around 10 large appliances over the last year. Every time, I get a call back on the evening I order the appliance saying its out of stock. Every time I suggest to them that it may be an idea to have a 'real time' ordering system, which tells you at the time you order it if it's in stock or not. They say that this isn't possible! Does anyone here know why they can't do it?

Also, does anyone know a good place to open a business account for these types of appliances (washing machines, fridge freezers etc).

I have found Comet business unreliable as well. :thinking:
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Foxy102 :- Boots Kitchen appliances is not 'really' a Boots company. The site is owned by DRL Limited ]

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