Boots meal deal now from £2 / £1.80 NUS

Posted 10th Nov 2020
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. During this period of restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can read more here about the restrictions in England from 5 November (…ber).

Spotted in Birmingham Bullring branch, you can now combine three items , a sandwich, £1, bottle of water (60p) and pack of snacks/ crisps (40p). for a total of £2. Of course, this isn’t the big range of regular meal deals but may suit some people. 10% student discount would combine, you have staff load onto your card then it stays on. You’d also earn 4 or 8p in points. Check for clearance items too, often lots of random crisps , snacks and drinks very cheap in Boots at the moment as they have so much excess stock of such items.

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