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boots points advantage card question please

Posted 2nd Jul 2008
if i have 1500 points on my card how much do i get to spend in boots and is it on anything?

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£15! Not gift vouchers and prescriptions - i know that!! Mostly everything though!

In-store points cannot be spent on infant milks (up to six months), prescription items, gift card/ vouchers, postage stamps, or mobile phone top-up cards.
Be careful though, you can't put the points towards the cost of something, ie. if you want to buy something for £30 you can't use your £15 points and then put another £15 cash towards it (annoyingly) you can only buy something for £15 or less.
Thats annoying!
Tell me about it, unless they've changed things recently. I used to buy all my baby nappies etc online through them and always found extra points vouchers to use and built up loads of points so it is a really great points card to have, just annoying that you can't put it towards a bigger purchase which would be in their best interest as you would end up spending money with them.
You cannot use to buy gift vouchers, babies milk, but most other products - pretty sure can only use to pay for the whole amoundt of your purchase, not top up the remaining in cash or whatever.

Hope this helps
Yep its very bizarre it particularly when you factor in the cost of product etc..
Must say I really dont understand why they do it like that

Just to confirm - this is what it says on the web-site

Spend your points any time*, any day, on almost anything in store... 1 … Spend your points any time*, any day, on almost anything in store... 1 point = 1 penny, so when you've collected 1000 Advantage Card points you'll have £10 to spend on products in store *We're sorry, but points cannot be spent on [url]www.boots.com[/url] or in Boots Opticians. In store points cannot be spent on prescription items, infant milks (up to 6 months), gift vouchers/cards, postage stamps, mobile phone top-up cards or insurance products. The more points you collect the bigger your treat, you'll need the full amount in points for the product you choose. The total price in points will simply be taken from your Advantage Card points total. When you get to the till in-store just hand over your Advantage Card and let the cashier know that you would like to treat yourself with your points.

Ah well.

That confirms it then!
Does anyone know if i can get gift vouchers exchanged for cash?! there's nothing i want to buy from boots.
£15 and can be spent on anything that has a star next to price on shelf label
oops someones already answered ur questions
funny mine says today 936 points and i have 9.36 to spend i got a print out from advantage machine instore
I would like to buy a camera on line, I have over 200 points, and I would like to redeem
Them on line, I don't know how to do this.

can i use my wifes card to buy a dyson hair dryer for exmas
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