Found 10th Jan 2008
Is it me - or does everybody seem to be posting every single offer available from boots as a separate thread.....

Yes dont get me wrong - they are very good prices - but do we really need to see every single item they have got for sale????

Sorry I havent had my moan today ....


i have to be honest it was annoying me yesterday, the person that posted the original boots 75% off was excellent but then when people started posting individual posts it was aggravating me and i felt like it was a complete waste of time. yes i am in a moaning mood today

Yes, I get your drift too

Should be posted on the 75% discount thread, so that people can see the good bargains straight away but the boards arent swamped with boots threads

Agree. Same with the Debenhams and sometimes with DVDs from one supplier.
Good moan.;-)

Most of the stock, if it was showing in stock, wasn't actually in stock when you clicked it either.

If you know what I mean
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