Boots sale refund at full price

not sure where to post this as i might have just gotten lucky but here goes..

So basically i bought a bunch of stuff in the 75% off sales in jan and a pair of slippers for my g/f from this had ripped already. went down to my local store along with a few other gift sets id picked up that were unopened as i had bought too many at the time and didnt really need that many potential presents for others taking up space at mine. id lost the receipt but thinking id get some sort of exchange instore i thought id try my luck. when they were scanned at the till they all came up at full price and not the 75% off paid. The SA spoke to the manager and they agreed to give me a full price exchange for anything instore as long as i could do it there and then. I therefore had a credit of over £60 to spend as i wished.. happy days.
so basically if youve got any 3 for 2 xmas products left like me going to waste then theres the potential for a deal here. or like i say, i might have just gotten the manager on a good day.. (this was in boots bmth branch) good luck



i took something back from 50% sale and got full price refund.

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had the refund at the wknd.


i didnt want what I bought so took it back, they was the 1s who gave me a full refund and anyways my mum took a watch bk to argos without the receipt & they gave her a full refund, her being honest told them she only paid half the price they said they refund the price on the system at the time just like if it now had 75% off they would only refund you a quarter of the price.
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