Boots Suntan lotion feedback from Staining clothes issue

Found 25th Apr 2008
I contacted Boots in the end to tell them i was fed up of throwing children's clothes away each year as they are so badly stained from their lotion and other brands. Unfortunately there is nothing they can say or do but...
Here was there reply:-

Thank you for contacting us about your Soltan purchases. I am sorry to hear that every year your daughters clothing becomes damaged from using our products. I can certainly appreciate how frustrating and costly this may be for you.

We are aware that sunscreens can sometimes cause staining to cotton fabric and have tried to alert our customer's to this by including a warning on the bottle to avoid contact with eyes and fabric. We do appreciate this contact is sometimes unavoidable and our research into offering our customers an effective way of removing these stains continues.

I am afraid at the moment we have no further advice to give you to prevent this from happening.

Once again please accept my apologies for any disappointment this matter may have caused you.

Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any further queries Mrs ??????please contact me personally on the number below.
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Have you rung them?:thinking:
No as i cant really say anymore. I guess at the end of the day it is the childs skin that is most important but it is still a waste of clothes and money
Yea but if you ham it up a bit saying maybe that some of the clothes were special which i'm sure some of them were, They might send you a token something ! .. It might be worth a try!:)
Moved to misc forum, feedback is for HUKD issues

Moved to misc forum, feedback is for HUKD issues

sorry having a stressful day
I use for my kids Ambre Solair Kids and don't find this problem but I know this L'oreal we used if it went on clothes it would stain on certain fabrics.
I suggest trying another brand if you are able to change and don't think you have any skin complaints/reasctions with trying something new.
In situations like this it's very unusual to get compensation for the clothes, you best hope is to walk into Boots with the Soltan and ask for a refund. This obviously wouldn't cover your costs.
I think mum2connor&cerys is right - try different brands and formulations. There are now Soltan kids sprays which I would expect to stain less. The stains come from pigments in the lotion. It's unlikely there are any pigments in a spray.
This doesn't help you with your lost clothes, but could help you for the future.
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