Boots Triple Points instore??...

Found 19th Feb 2007
Does anyone know if the triple points is instore as well as online?

Because I want to order £40+ worth of No7 things which means Ill qualify for a freebie gift as spending over £15...

If I went and got my items instore I could pick up 2 freebies (which would be very nice to add to the 2 gifts I'd be buying)

But I dont know if they are doing the triple points too or do they give you more than 1 freebie online or not?

I know I'm cheeky but its a little extra for people...and I think I should.....why not!!

So order online or get instore??

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u only get 1 gift online. if i were you i would buy instore and get 2 gifts even if they dont have the triple points offer.
actually thinking about it, I may even have a double points voucher somewhere...ill have a look in a minute.


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