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Ok heres the story, I bought a britax vigour 4 pushchair in janurary that was the 2007 model, it was reduced to £124.99 from £249.99.
When it arrived i noticed thay had sent me the vigour 4+ which is the 2008 model (currentle £225) so i rang them up and thay stated to me that they had sold out and were fulfilling the orders with the new one. Anyway there is no difference between them realy only the bumper bar is black on one and red on the other.
Yesterday a bit of plastic that secures the pram when upright brke off so it doesnt stay up safly now on the one side, i contacted boots earlier to explain this and thay are being realy funny with me!
Thay are stating because it says in my order thats its the old model (which is now discontiued) thay are not sure what the can do and i may have to pay the extra £100 for a new one.
I have only used the chasis so far for just less than 3 months as thats when my baby was born and i have said i will return the whole thing if they cannot just replace the chasis.

Am i in the wrong for thinking i deserve a replacement without having to pay any extra?




Contact Trading Standards they'll tell u where to stand, but they are liable here not u

It's under granantee whether it has been discontinued or not so you deserve a replacement or a full refund as it is a faulty item. The law states the product that you are sold must have a reasonable life span and I'm guessing 5 months is not reasonable, not in my eyes anyway.

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its not even been used for 5 months, just 11 weeks today and then i only use it when if i cant carry the carseat a long way.

not your fault they sold out and gave you a better model.. your statutory rights should stand in this matter. they should replace or repair no hassle and at no extra cost to you.

ring them back or go in and hopefully you'll get someone different. if they give you same answer etc tell them thats fine as you've spoken to trading standards and they said to report back the outcome. see what happens then

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The woman i spoke to reffered me to her superviser who has said he will back to me later today after he has spoken to his managers, he said that because on the system its the old medel thats discontinued he cannot just send out a replacement as the system wont let him as the new model is currently£100 more than what i paid.
I dont see the problem as thay are getting like for like.


ignore what they have said, speak to Trading Standards, they'll advise, then drop little facts into the conversation with Boots.....100% record of working for me so far

No you are right in wanting something done!! Agree with all the above!! GOOD LUCK!!

i had similiar problem with my 500 quid cossatto travel system mom-inlaw bought it october baby born january last monday the darn thing wouldnt open, the mechanism caputt. Phoned tesco told them what happened asked for refund stating the car seat cracked after a few weeks had that replaced and half a dozen times zips have gone on the accessories . Which i got replaced direct from cossatto . I told them i paid 500 quid as i liked the fact everything came with is but im fed up of always being w/o bits. They refunded my mother in law that day . I now bought a quinny from didnt cost as much now he 6 months lol as didnt need pram bits . So defo pursue it tesco didnt quibble at all, Its ya childs safety at the end of the day a pram should least last aslong as the weight of the child it specifies its suppose to

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Ok, well after the guy i spoke to this morning did not get back to as he promised i rang them back up and spoke to a different senior customer adviser.
He has arranged for the broken one to be collected on tuesday for a full refund and told me to order another and when it arrives to call him back directly and he will refund me the difference.
Thanx all for the help
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