Having ordered a x-trainer on boots website just after xmas, they delivered a £20 exercise bike instead. I called them up and they apologised, said they would collect the item and deliver a new one (via different couriers) yesterday. I had the old one collected, and about 3pm called them to confirm that they were wtill delivering the new one. They confirmed it was on the back of a lorry and that it will be delivered by 6pm.

Guess what, 6pm came and no delivery. Called customer services to be told that there wasnt the order for a new one!

Today we have now been told that they are out of stock.

The question is that the price was about £75 cheaper through boots than elsewhere. Can i hold Boots to pay the extra £75 to supply the goods? Especially as they have charged our card! Is this a contract?


Nope I don't think you can. They'll refund you & probably pop 5000 points on your advantage card as an apology but I don't think you'll get anywhere if you ask them to pay £75 to supply it...

i dont reckon you can either

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Was it this one? … Was it this one? was a reebok series 3. Now found it on gym world for about £20 more...guess i should accept a 'generous' offer from them!

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Thanks for your comments!
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