'RIP OFF' - Hire a Harley Davidson for 24 hours turns into a 6 hour track day in Wales !!!!!!

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Found 3rd Jul 2008
As title says, I bought the 24 hour hire in deal (no offence to the OP lynne1966):…75/

The text from Boots website when I ordered was:

"Go cruising on the most beautiful bike in the world. And head out of town on a gleaming Harley-Davidson - the ultimate in cool, laid-back biking. Riding on a Harley is one of life's great adventures. Its engine rumbles like a minor earthquake and its ultra-high torque makes it the ultimate in leisurely power.
Activity Programme:
You will have the chance to hire one of these unique machines for a day. The itinerary for the day is entirely up to you - indulge yourself! XL883C Sportster Custom or XL1200R Sportster Roadster are available for a day up to 200 miles, then additional miles are charged @ 19p/mile. The price includes comprehensive insurance. Rider's original driving licence and photographic ID must be shown on the day of rental. There is a refundable deposit on the day of £500.00, normally on a credit card.
Collect from Sidcup, Kent; Newmarket, Suffolk
To do this activity you must be at least 30 years old. A general fitness will be needed. Maximum weight 108kg (17 stone), maximum height 1.87m (6'2""). This activity is not suitable for those who have pacemakers. You will need to hold a current bike licence and to have had at least one year's experience on a motor cycle of 600cc or above. This activity is dependent on appropriate weather conditions.
Selected Tuesday - Saturday dates, All year, but March to October is best.
Your hire duration is 24 hours.
Spectator Information:
You're welcome to have a pillion passenger. Now £44.75 (Was £179.00)

The voucher I recieved yesterday is clearly NOT what I ordered, it's now turned into a crappy 6 hour track day in Wales for gods sake. I am sending the voucher back with the above text and demanding a refund and compensation for what was a BLATENT MIS-REPRESENTATION of this offer / product.

If you bought this deal and have recieved the same voucher or indeed the promised 24 hour offer please post below. I am furious at there cheek thinking i'd be happy with a trackday.


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Original deal (no offence to the OP lynne1966):…75/


What did they say when you rang them?

What compensation do you think you will get?

Hmmm thats really bad - hope you get it sorted! Companies shouldn't be allowed to do this kind of thing!
Just a thought but was there any [SIZE="1"]small print[/SIZE] you missed?

I would also inform advertising standards as this is clearly a breach of the advertisment.

Hope you get it sorted. :thumbsup:

Is it possible they have sent the wrong voucher? Is there another activity on the site that sounds more like the one you have recieved?


Is it possible they have sent the wrong voucher? Is there another … Is it possible they have sent the wrong voucher? Is there another activity on the site that sounds more like the one you have recieved?

was just about to say the same - this would seem a more likely explanation....

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I am waiting for them to call me back, they are now "looking into it" :roll:

what a rip-off !! hope you get your deserved money back from them !

That's like, well bad!

Keep us updated on what Boots' say

Have they got back to u yet?

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Have they got back to u yet?

No sadly !!!!! :x. I have sent the voucher back with a letter explaining why. I wouldn't be surprised if they refunded the £44.75 and tried to leave it at that as the track day is now being sold at £199 on there website.…936

Will report back if / when i hear. I assume no one else bought the bike hire posted here, just me ??? :?

6 hours in Wales? That's got to be worth at least £1,000!!!! I'd go for it!

(But then, I live in Wales, so I would say that:-D)

Hope you get it sorted, 'cos what they sent you is definitely NOT what you bought; if they offer a refund then push hard for compensation (day taken off work, girlfriend taken day off work, events organised, etc).

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I got refunded the £45 and a further £35 in Boots voucher as compensation:). They couldn't supply the original 24 hour hire deal as it's no longer available :x

Done :thumbsup:

Delighted you got this - felt terrible about the posting!!!! Bargain!
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