borax powder for cleaning anyone use this

Found 24th Aug 2009

does anyone use this for cleaning?

Apprently its supposed to be good for cleaning carpets etc but i cant find it anywhere and Im not to sure about using it

Anyone tried using it ? Anyone knows where I can get some
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Wow this is a blast from the past, my mum used to use it. I think borax is an ingredient in most detergents anyway.
iveheard its really good for making soap powder last longer and good for general cleaning ie if you have one box you can use it to clean the whole house - which saves alot on cleaning stuff - any one any clues about this?
It used to be sold OTC(over the counter) in boxes in pharmacies:thumbsup:
I remember my mum putting it in with the washing powder and when she was mopping. I guess Wilkinsons is your best bet if they still sell it neat.
hmm ive tried everywhere wilkos , tescos , boots , no joy why dont they sell it ? Hence me wondering if its unsafe to use?
I shouldn't imagine it's unsafe as it's a form of salt. Maybe it isn't produced anymore because there is no demand for it.
Try an independant chemist,not a big chain.
ohh thanks deb8z and queen lush do you use it ?
Read this info on page 6,says people have bought it from Tesco,Boots and Wilkinsons but its being discontinued apparently.


ohh thanks deb8z and queen lush do you use it ?

No ... i've not heard the name Borax for about 30 years lol
great thank mike thanks also for the health effect s posted nikkib- to me not to disimilar to bleech?
hmmm i guess so its just the matter of buying it on line as it costs more to post than to buy!!!! ]
Iff any one spots this in london please let me know , but i will try independant chemists , but they are so few and far between here in london!

I use borax to strip products out of my hair.I mix it with shampoo & rub … I use borax to strip products out of my hair.I mix it with shampoo & rub in, then rinse & wash again with just shampoo, then rinse & condition.I particularly do it prior to having my colour done at the hairdressers.It used to be used like this during the war when shampoo was not as readily available as today. It now seems to be the opposite whereby Borax is harder to find.........perhaps only from an old fashioned pharmacy.

Thank you for replying.

Please learn to type faster.
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