anybody get this today?
    if so, whats it like?


    Lack of info,

    Original Poster


    Lack of info,

    a game

    yeah would also like to know if its any good.

    was at the very top of my list until they stupidly decided to go cel-shaded. it looked amazing before, now it looks like a first person prince of persia.

    Is this the one thats supposed to be a cross between a RPG & FPS??


    Is this the one thats supposed to be a cross between a RPG & FPS??

    yep, the only good thing is that its 4 player co-op....if youve ever played fallout youll know how brill it would be to play with 3 other people. the cartoony graphics really put me off though

    I think my brother quite liked the look of this, He showed me some gameplay footage on youtube, I wasn't that impressed.

    Anyone seen this cheap at any of the supermarkets. I'd be temped at the right price.

    Saw the review that says the 4 play was what made it worthwhile, while the gameplay was repetitive.
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