Found 15th Jul 2007

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mightyreds far can you get?

Do we have a league yet ?

85.362 m

I cant even get to the window.:oops: :oops:

me neither, but i'm hungover, thats my excuse n sticking to it

Original Poster

finally....after many many efforts I got it out of the window!!

89.801 meaning im 167843 in the world!!

Helluva frustrating game :-(
But, did get a 87.199 on about my 25th go and just got a 62.317 with TWO loop-the-loops

My plane must be made from my bank statement, since i keep wanting to shred it on the fan :giggle:

I can't get the thing out of the window!



Rank : 319724!

im so rubish...i cant get it to the window haha:?

I found it easiest to go from the bottom (by the skirting board) and aim up at a diagonal angle.


Global rank is 52701

Screenie on way hehe

Damn thats hard

My best had hit the back wall 9.861 -------42,476 rank

Edit -- 15.074 ----------37,376 rank

Edit --Ha kool

Best --37,374m Rank --359585

Edit again lol

Best ---76.961m
Rank ---234725

My plane did 3 loops

Lol i rule -- heres proof[/URL][/IMG]

Damn --- well done man


This is stupid i wasted 15 mins of my life on this game, I will never get that time back!

Ive been playing it since 8

my best is 69


114.029!!! How do you copy and paste the scores???


take a screen shot, then you can paste it. screen shot button is the one next to f12 that says print screen

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