Bored at Work!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been at work for almost an hour and I'm already clock watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its going to be one hell of a long day!

Hows everyone else's day at work??????



Exactly the same....

I've been here 6 days and not done any work at all :lol:

i work from home


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black gerbil1;3429898

i work from homelol?

lucky you! I need a job like that! Working from home....would be nice. I'd still be in bed

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I've been here 6 days and not done any work at all :lol:

haha!! Souns like my kind of job!

not too bad today, on to my second coffee and still going through the overnight emails!

Bored at the moment changing profiles for Chelsea players on their mobile phone site, waiting for Hannah to come back online at 12.30 to save me from boredom.

I've been at college for 15 mins. I've opened a powerpoint presentation, logged into hotdeals and started mooching about.

bored bored bored.

Suppin Coffee Watchin Quincy Typin On Ere



Suppin Coffee Watchin Quincy Typin On Ere

Quincy is awesome!!


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Quincy, who needs sherlock when have quincy :)......daytime TV you cant beat it

Bored, been here for 3 hours, but afternoon seems to go quite quickly. Working with disrespectful people who wouldnt even shut the hell up for the silence we had as its armistice day!! Well annoyed!!

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ok this day is officialy the worst in a long time!!!!!!!! Can't believe i got 2 and a half hours left!!!!! Thank god i finish in 2 weeks!!!!

And also thank god for HUKD to help the day go by
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