Bored - When did you join ebay?



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2006, wish i didn,t

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31 Dec 2000

16sept 1984


16sept 1984

Always one isn't there :roll:

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10th Oct 05
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Just go on to buy these days cos to sell is not worth it

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God has it been that long :roll:

17th Jan 2001 - blimey!

how time flys

19th April 2002 for main account I used to use a lot there,and how it's gone downhill since then.

[COLOR="Red"]In b4 the hate towards eBay.

Edit: Too late.[/COLOR]


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I had an account before this, but can't remember the ID. It was only a year or so earlier tho - 2002.

oct 2005

nov 2005

Dec 2001...... back in the days when you could sell stuff and not get charged the earth for doing so!!

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Not long after my 18th Birthday!

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June 2004
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