Bored.....time for an ISP change.

    Should be getting a MAC code tomorrow.

    Been considering going with 02 despite them screwing things up last time.
    Any others I should consider?

    Even though I can only get the £17.50 offer it's still £10 cheaper than my current provider.
    Never bothered switching before due to 100% reliability.....if it ain't broke......

    But £28 a month these days is taking the p***

    Note that my area seems to be limited to 8mb.

    Don't need any fancy addons or Mc Afee crap etc.......just a reliable unlimited ISP.


    You should take into account the upload speeds as well... I think O2 offer 1.6mbp/s upload, and BeThere offer 2.5mbp/s but that package costs around £25...

    Original Poster

    Be still not available here...........said June on their site but never said which year

    If Be* is not available, then also 02 will not be available as they are the same company.

    Have you done a…php check recently?

    Original Poster

    02 is available..........just not the full fast offers..........I get the standard £17.50 offer with the option to switch if/when my local exchange ever gets unbundled.

    I ordered last month but cancelled temporarily when I realised I had forgotten to go thru Quidco (£25 cashback).

    Had to wait til tomorrow to get a second MAC code.

    If you have Sky then you can get there unlimited 16mb package for £10 a month with free router.

    Have you looked at Bulldog - they were slowly improving when I left them about 2years ago.
    Bit pricey tho: 19.50 for three months, then 24.50
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