Boring thread alert! How long does it take you to get to work, versus how senior you are/how much you earn?

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Found 5th Nov 2010
This is really tedious, but we've been discussing it and I want to settle an argument!!
How far do you live from work and does it have any relevance to your seniority level or salary?
My house is 25 miles (around 45 minutes) from my office, but I often (once or twice a week) travel an extra 200+ if I've got to go to meetings in London etc. Someone said that was ridiculous and they only live 2 miles from work and would never live any further away even though they earn £80k+ year.
However, someone else said that when they were on £25k a year they travelled an hour and a half to work and didn't think anything of it.
So... how far do you travel to work?
I WILL win this argument!!

PS. Going to the Job Centre doesn't count.

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Coventry to Brum

Farthest I have been for a meeting is Sydney, followed by another in San Diego, have always been happy to travel for work, seeing as for about 10 years the farthest I ever went was the stationary cupboard. Always good to get out of the office.

I would always need to work quite close to home, like under 5 miles, but that's just me. Hubby used to work 4 miles away and cycle everyday. He got promoted and now drives in excess of 90 mins to work everyday. The plus side is loads more money, which is why he works afterall, more holiday, perks, bonuses, the bad side is he is sitting in traffic for a good portion of his day, is often knackered before he even gets to work, and is not able to be here for emergencies when I/family need him (like he used to be able to be), he also sees less of the children, as he leaves before they get up and comes back just in time to see them clean their teeth. No more overtime though, so weekends are guaranteed to be ours. Swings and roundabouts isn't it?

i only live three miles from work

Also do Leeds - London about 2-3 times a week, takes 2hrs 20 ish, work on the way down and watch a film on the way back, daft as it sounds it good take me as long as that getting to manchester on the M62

bham to cov...occasionally will have to go to cambridge

Journey is 80mins and I am a Senior Manager. I quite like the journey cause I get a lot of stuff done - saves me time :-)


My office is 10 paces from my bed, and if I travel it's very rare that I'll pick up the bill.

Original Poster


your right its boring zzzzzzzzzzz

Only because you don't have a job so can't join in.

Prior to having my last 2 children I always worked and lived within 2 miles of house/work. Always felt life's too short to travel just to get to work. Where I live now would take me an hour to get to work and an hour back and there was no way I was spending 2 hours a day travelling for work. Plus there's travelling expenses as well. Luckily they let me work from home so now I only have about 15 steps to take lol X)


It takes me about 25 mins to get to work about 20 miles away.

dont work. hubby travels 40minutes to work (car) dentist.

i dont get this topic though......

Don't work (Student) but when I was at college it took me an hour to get there, I thought that was a long time but my mate takes an hour and a half to get to college for 9 o clock, bad times.

I don't understand how you can win an argument over how long it takes to get to work.


i work about 45mins away from work (~7.5miles)

I'm an associate and I earn a fair whack but it's too expensive to live closer.

ps. i'll move further away when i get more senior and maybe have a crash pad in closer to work

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20 minute walk

I live 2.5 miles from work and I'm the boss.

in my workplace ( harrogate ) there are people who travel from Necastle, Warrington, Leeds ( me ) York, Hull, Manchester...everyone is paid the same and noone is superior .. all communications operators / shift workers

It takes me between 45 - 1hr 30 to get in from Leeds ( 27 miles ) depending on what shift i am on, be it nights or days

i work from home and i can work anywhere - have been living/working in thailand for the last 10 months



I live 2.5 miles from work and I'm the boss.

Yeah, in your world.

Live 20 miles from work, takes approx 20-25 mins most days.... takes a bit longer when leaving work though as I often get stuck behind lorries and/or little old ladies at 4.30 pm... and they're country roads so little to no chance of overtaking for most of the way too. Earn approx 17k a year, only manual job, but not bad for where I live... even if I did a supposedly better thought of job that I am capable of I would only earn around 2-5k more for where I live... and my job is a lot less stressfull so I am happy for now just clocking in, doing my job for 8 hours and then going home

I live 20 miles from work and takes me about 35 minutes on a good run. I have done this journey for the last 16 years (including 3 years at uni) !! I am a nurse (so could work nearer to home but like the hospital I work in!)

i live 6 mile from work and most meetings are held at work but if outside work normally 20 mins max usually! as its with a council so within that council boundary normally

I live just a mile from work so it's just a quick 20 minute walk which is great, I'm a senior engineer but where I live has no relevance to my job position, it's just the way it's landed which is convenient. My boss and her boss have the longest commute in the office. For one of my previous jobs in a similar role it was about two hour commute to work and another two back which was obviously a lot less convenient but needed to follow the job.


I live 1.2 miles away from work takes me about 10-15minutes.

Work starts at the end of my garden path and covers an area of up to about 20+ miles in either direction (left or right lol, as north would put me in the sea and south would be up a mountain !) And I am the boss (also the only employee tho !)
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