Boris Johnson rules out “Covid passports” for domestic activities.

Posted 18th Feb 2021
Looks like everyone will be free to mingle in the hospitality sector when it opens…118

International travel was briefly touched on as well, seems like the people developing the apps and tech have said it will either show a vaccination tick or a negative test 72 hours before flights.

Me personally I’m all for this news, I never thought he’d segregate the country by creating a class of “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”.

The proposed travel plans are good in my opinion too, at least people who don’t want the vaccine or are medically unable to receive it won’t be digitally stuck in their home countries.

CommonPass is the one being touted for use.

Good news all round

Seen as a government advisor last night also said that last summers crowded beaches didn’t produce a single outbreak of Covid, I guess it might be sooner than most of us think.…ys/
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