Born on Date on bottle of Bud...

    hello all... anyone got a bottle of Budweiser with a born on date of 14th of April??

    Been looking in every supermarket and can't find one, my pals daughter was born on that date this year & i'm tryin to find him a bottle with the same date.



    You'll find they batch date, they tend to be weekly changes to the date, you might be lucky though so good luck in your hunt

    Try calling the Distributer of Bud - they may be able to tell you what day they were dispatched etc.

    Also, ask in the big Pubs like Weatherspoon as to what born on date they curently have etc etc - that way you can work out if you are going to be able to find one still.


    to early for them to be in shops buddy but keep looking should be in next 2- 3 weeks

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    Thanks to those who are being helpful.....

    I've seen in shops already with a couple of days before & a couple of days after but not lucky enough to find exact date... i'll try distributor tho, that's a good suggestion!

    o.k good luck on the search i think it is a spot on idea buddy rep added

    [email protected];5320534

    Daughter = HIM? WTF!:)

    I think he's buying his mate a bottle of beer, not his daughter. :thumbsup:

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    thanks opus... :o)

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    oops that should've been a wee smile!

    If you need help with the distributor number etc - ANS Busch give me a shout and I will see what I can do for you.



    to early for them to be in shops buddy but keep looking should be in next … to early for them to be in shops buddy but keep looking should be in next 2- 3 weeks

    I bought a box of Bud last week and the date on the bottles is 07 May 09.

    With best before date 07 May 10, I'm sure they used to be dated best before six months?

    They will be out there already. :thumbsup:

    I like it, i think its a good idea

    If you call the Anhuser Busch Head office they are based down in Maltlake Brewery South London, ask for the marketing department, tell them what you want it for and they maybe able to help

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    Thanks to all... been a great help, i emailed them earlier, but i'll try the marketing dept tomorrow

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    didn't have much luck with this, marketing got back to me and just said to check all my local stockists... don't suppose anyones found the date i'm looking for in recent purchases of bud??
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