Bosch dishwasher faulty.

Found 22nd Nov 2017
Hi all, Our dishwasher keeps tripping the RCD.

It's only 4 years old. It does a full pre rinse fine, it just trips mid wash cycle. This leads me to believe the heater element needs replacing. I paid about £300 for the dishwasher.

Is it worth getting it fixed or just buying a new one. I've looked online and fitting a replacement heater element is about £140.

I've seen a new beko full size dishwasher for £170. Don't know if this will be any good though.
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Have you checked espares? Their prices are great and they have loads of 'how to...' videos. Bosch are a premium make and there is very little to go wrong on a dishwasher, so I would seriously consider repairs. Beko are cheap for a reason. You are aware of this, that's why you asked on here, you must needed someone to affirm this. It's your choice obviously, but if you go Beko you may be getting a new dishwasher every few years - however you may be lucky.
Maintenance bloke told me that Bosch dishwashers now have closed units compared to older versions so can be expensive to fix...he recommended buying Miele because they represent better value...can be repaired and break down so rarely...should last about 20 yrs plus. Otherwise buy Beko because they can be fixed with parts which aren't expensive.
Would also depend on your skillset op. I was always told never to mess with washing machine or dishwasher as water and electric dont mix
I don't think I would pay £140 for an element that may or may not be faulty. When my Bosch DW sprang a small leak recently a new seal was going to be £50+ and it was not worth the effort and time.

Ended up buying a good second hand 2 or 3 year old Bosch DW off Gumtree for about £60.

Another option may be to check online on the Bosch home appliances site. You may be able to take out an extended warranty on it and get it fixed that way.
Thanks all. Just found the part needed. Just under £100 just for the part only. So even if I was to fit it that's a lot of money. Think im gonna go for the cheap beko. Even if it only lasts 3 years its got to be more cost effective than repairing the Bosch.
Do you think I should wait till Friday for offers or are they likely just to be the same offers all week?
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