Bosch GOP18-V2 82 18v OR Makita dtm51-z

Found 14th Aug 2017
Morning one and all, I'm looking to buy one of the above units and am seeking feedback from the masses as to which they would buy.

Firstly I'm ruling out the Dewalt, the reason being this has a trigger and not a switch and having worked with someone who had one of these they twice nearly cut their fingers off changing blades and so they ended up having to remove the battery every time they changed the blade, so I'll pass on that one.

I already have 2x4ah Bosch blue batteries and 3x5ah Makita's so this is a non issue. The Bosch starlock plus system seems highly regarded, however Bosch have patented the system and so cheap OEM blades from the likes of Saxton are not avil. That said I'm more interested in which is the better tool and if I have to pay a premium for blades, then so be it.

Thanks in advance.
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