Bosch Oven Door Temp - Anyone Got one??? Would Scald my baby !!

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Posted 31st Jan 2011

I have just recieved an Oven from Currys.

Its a Bosch single oven.

We had it installed yesterday and followed the instructions because its new leave the oven on for an hour before cooking to get rid of the new smells.

Anyway we did this and after an hour went to turn it off and the glass on the front was read hot and i mean hot you couldnt put your hand on it. Bear in mind to i have a baby who is learning to walk so if he touches it or falls on it he will scald his self.

My previous oven was fine you could put your hands on it to warm up and it wasnt a problem.

Whats other peoples ovens like.

I have phoned currys and asked for it to be up lifted i will not beable to rest with the door temperature like that.

Currys are now peeing about saying they want an engineer to come out and i have said basically i want it collecting and i will order a different oven.

Question is, is all bosch ovens like this ....may get a Neff ??

Thanks for your help
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