Bosch Site Builders Radio/ Powerbox GML24vCD Wanted @ cheapest Price Possible!

Found 9th Feb 2009
Looking for a builders radio (w/out battery) as per follow up from this thread (now that I know which one to go for..) hotukdeals.com/ite…th/

However, The cheapest I can find is for £150.. anyone know of any for sale that are priced more 'economically'? Wanna save a few pennies if I can..

Or any voucher/ money off codes for Toolstop will do too..

Cheapest delivered found at Toolstop for £150:

Rep awaits, thanking in advance.
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Have u tried screwfix think its about £127, if im looking at the right one??

Item code 81673

Ignore me this is the older one lol
just checked it out- not the one im looking for- Screwfix is the basic non-cd type model unfortunately.. thanks all the same
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