Bosch Tassimo - Sainsburys Deal ?

Found 18th Sep 2010
Why did the deal get expired ? I managed to order one for delivery tomorrow, just hope they honour it.

Did anyone else manage to order ?
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No wouldnt let me have one at checkout
deal got spammed-thats why it vanished(not by me btw)-possibly because the price has to include delivery-headline price stated £10 which it wasnt-rules state price must include delivery-just a guess.
I ordered one for delivery monday.

Whether it actually gets honoured is another matter.
Seriously, the coffee from this machine is horrific. I am not knocking the deal but the coffee is terrible.
Already a thread on it so no need for a new one, just need to unexpire old thread.

Probably expired because some people couldnt get one as it depends what area u live in if you can get one or not.

Also some people have had it cancelled already so dont seem like we will get them
wasn't available Canterbury area

never saw the other thread, mine hasn't been cancelled YET although money hasn't been taken from my bank either

Still holding out hope they will honour
Got a call from Sainsbury's five minutes ago telling me no such item in stock.

Never expected it to actually go through anyway.

Yeah also got a call to tell me no stock, i also knew it was going to get cancelled sooner or later
Must remember not to go for delas from one post OPs lol, he/she hasn't been back on the site since posting the deal. Must have been a disgruntled Sainsburys employee
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