Bosch: Tradepoint aka B&Q

Posted 24th Jan
Tradepoint are an arm of B&Q. Bosch are said to be aupplying them with specific models such as dishwashers that have been heavily discounted. There are roumours that they may be inferior.... Can anyone with inside knowledge therefore report of any reliablitly issues. I have just purchase an integrated yestarday that was listed but just wary that the machine won't be true to Bosch standards. Any sensible hoest feedback most appreciated
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Brand / product reliability is a concept until after a period has passed with quantifiable data, and even so, a device manufactured xx months / years ago is unlikely to have the same design, source components, quality control, shipping protection as a device produced last month / yesterday / today. A cheaper device may even prove to have a less problematic subsequent history if any contributory elements in the manufacturing chain are superior. That may not directly answer the question, but it may offer a perspective, otherwise somebody will bluntly suggest "come back in a few years when actual compable reliability is known".
I have an integrated Bosch dishwasher bought for. B&Q four years ago. Has been no trouble.
Much appreciate posted comments.... Will sleep tonight!!
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