Bosch Washing Machine error code E10

Posted 23rd Nov 2008
I have a Bosch built in washer/dryer that is just out of warranty and everytime I try to wash with it comes up with code E10. I can use the drain & spin function, works through that programme no problem. I have checked and cleaned the filter, so that isn't the problem. But as soon as I try a wash the machine fills and spins a couple of times then I get the E10 code, all this takes about 5 minutes. When I contacted Bosch they were next to useless, saying that it could be a problem with the motor, but surely if the motor was the problem it wouldn't drain & spin. Or I am I wrong? Any ideas on what the problem is would be gratefully received, as I can't afford a hefty repair bill before Christmas.
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Have you tried looking in the instruction manual to see if it tells you what E10 stands for?

E10 error on some washing machines is a problem with the water inflow.
No idea what it means on a Bosch but on a Zanussi Washer Drier it means the input filter blocked or inlet hose kinked or water supply turned off.
That's one of my problems can't locate my instruction manual but downloaded one from the Bosch website and no mention of error code E10. I can't get to the rear of the machine with it being built in. I read on web that it can be a problem with the water inlet on some machines but how do I get to it to see? No handy man around!
As above ^ Something to do with water supply.
why dont you contact them the bosch people where it says contact us?

am sure they will be helpfull
As previously mentioned Bosch were useless, they say it is the motor, but the motor seems to be working to me!
pull it out a bit then push it back, might be a kink in the hose and that might free it
E10 on my samsung means not draining properly try removing the filter from the bottom :thumbsup:
e10 on my machine meant the engineer had to come out and replace the motherboard (twice)
Many thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will have to look for a local repair man as I have cleaned the filter and I can't pull the machine as it a built in machine to look at the inlets.

Thanks again.
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