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Found 13th May 2008

My friend told me that Bose in-ear headphones are really good! But I am not sure about them as I have read mixed reviewers, some says that they don't fit in the ear very well and it's very different to the over-ear ones.

Does anyone have any comments and are they cheaper options? Not too cheap, but around the £30-£40 mark.
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Why not try them at out your local bose store, they are excellent I even use them for running.
But for price why not buy a pair of sennheiser cx300's they are cheap on play they have been replaced by the cx 400 and cx500's.
the are great but the ear buds fall off, I think you can get extra ones free from Bose though - there was something on here about that awhile ago, my husband superglued them on
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