Bose Ipod SoundDock

Found 10th Aug 2006
Right guys, am looking one of these for my boss !!! Could be a big payrise in it for me. See what you can do. Usually retail at around the £250 mark. ]bose.com Would love one myself too. The Gauntlet is thrown down !!!!
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I am also after one of these. Thing is because it is not apple i don't think the apple discount codes will work for it which is a shame.

Anybody know of anywhere that will be cheaper or codes for somewhere else, that would be really good, thanks.
Ok, so it's not Bose - but I've recently bought an i-deck from Monitor Audio following hotukdeals.com/for…eck thread.

Have a look at some independant reviews, it's consistantly reviewed as being better than the Sounddock - and it originally started out at £250. Amazon have these for an amazing £99.99, which includes free delivery - and I am absolutely delighted with mine. It sounds stunning.

Lots of reviews available through google, ]this is pretty typical.

Of course, your boss could be a label man, but you may get an extra bonus for lateral thinking....!
I don't know anything about the retailer, but ]1alot limited have got one for £186.85. £20 P&P though!

Any Good?


DD Price £242.01
Delivery £5.99
(UK Mainland)

Which brings the total back up again to £248 (but at least it incudes delivery).
Any good deals on the SoundDock at the moment?

On the hunt for one but the best I can see is £245 with Amazon...
I haven't used the retailer but found ]this.
Thanks pal. Still looking a bit cheaper but this may be the best I am gonna get it...
CJ's post has a better price too but I don't know that retailer either.:roll:
I was just in Comet in Swindon and they had a stack of these at £199.99. Had black ones and white ones. Any use?
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