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    I want to know if this is a good deal. My local Bose store has a SoundDock, in-ear headphones and a carry bag all for £230. It seems like a good deal as the dock seems to be £200 elsewhere. Does anyone know if this deal is because either the soundDock or earphones are going out of production. I am not interested in anyone suggesting another brand as I have heard it all before, Ijust want to know about this. Hoping some electrical person knows about this, Thanks.


    Have a look here:…em/

    £149 and 3% quidco for a bose sounddock.

    Hope that helps.

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    Have a look here: … Have a look here:£149 and 3% quidco for a bose sounddock.Hope that helps.

    I posted that, lol. That is why I am curious about it going out of date as it is not half the price of the portable one. Want to make sure that there isn't a new one on the way and that this one will drop further in price.

    Hehe, sorry about that!
    BTW they have an official bose outlet in Portsmouth if you live there, cheaper than in the other bose shops.

    Acoording to netnewswire, the messege I got in my iphone, they are going to release sound dock system II which will be compatible with iphone 3g. So they have reduced the price for this one.:roll:
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