Bose SoundDock V2 America

    Looking on the Bose america website and it says its 120V (power)
    What would I need to use it over here?


    My son brought one of these home from America and there was a multi voltage transformer on it.
    No problems using it.....Sounds fantastic.

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    Really :O
    So what did he use?
    Sorry Lol if I sound confused?

    The transformer (plug) that came with it from America is multi voltage.
    works with UK 240 voltage.

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    Okay so did he have to buy anything when he got back?
    Lol sorry I am thick!

    I went and checked it.
    He did'nt have to buy any thing else.
    The power box that comes with it is called a BOSE switching power supply.
    Input 110-240 V...Output 18v +
    It looks like a laptop charger
    The end that goes in the dock has the power box attached.
    the other end is just like a lead that goes in the back of a radio..(This plugs into the other side if the box)
    He got 2 of these with it , one was 2 pin for america and the other was a UK 3 pin.
    I think it's just a standard radio lead that goes into the box and the box changes the voltage.
    He has ben using it for over a year with no problems.
    Hope this helps.

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