Bose Triport Around-Ear Headphones

Found 26th Mar 2008
Been looking for these headphones for a while now. Seen them go for as little as £35 on ebay and as much as £170+ on retail sites.

Now that i can afford to buy a pair, all the ebay ones are gone and the few that are there are ending around 70/80. Id rather pay the extra and get it from the shops for £90-100 - it'll be brand new and ill have some warranty or guarantee.

Anyone find these for a cheap price, or headphones of similar style/quality?
Anything with discounts would be great, including student discounts =]
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thanks for the quick reply. There is no saving once delivery is added on the first link. I am trying to avoid in-ear headphones too.

If i cant get my hands on these Around ear ones for a decent price, i think ill substitute for a funky looking pair of skullcandy ones.
Bose don't do sales and sellers do not get much discount from Bose so maybe ebay is you only option.
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