bosh washing machine cycle to long

Found 13th Apr
put it on a 15 min wash and it takes an hour
any help thanks
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How much washing do you put in
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Have you read the instructions?
If it is like my Bosch. The dial when view from anyone with a height over 3’ looks to be ion one setting. In reality it’s in a different one.
Try crouching down and checking dial alignment.
From selling them previously I would say the 15min wash is for a single shirt possibly 2 max. The more you put in the longer it will take
Sorry to potentially be the bearer of bad news but when mine started doing that it was because the heating element had gone and because the water didn't reach the right temperature the cycle couldn't move on as quickly as it should have. Hope that's not the case with you! If you put it on a 60 degree wash and then feel the door half way through, if it isn't warm then you might want to get an engineer out. In fairness though, it was not that expensive to get the element changed. Good luck!
How old is the machine?
Think you gotta press the speed button on Bosch -but also try pressing some other buttons to see if time drops before you press start on our Samsung changing the Temp and Spin Cycle And Rinse all amends the time! Shut door hit start!
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