Posted 2nd Mar 2023
Hi all. This will be a long post but I wanted to sound off and get some advice on how to resolve the problem I have.

About 2 weeks ago, I saw a 20 plate Peugeot 208 GT Line with 8,500 miles on the Motorpoint website. I'm based in Wales and the car was in the Portsmouth branch. My Mrs and I went to our local Motorpoint branch and we had our car valued as a part ex. The price we were given for the car was very good and ultimately we paid £149 to transport the car to our local branch. We were told that if we liked the car, the 149 would come off the total and if we didnt like it and instead chose a different car with them, the 149 would come off the total price of the new car.

A few days later I received a phone call saying that the car had arrived in our local branch but it had a warning light on the dash and a noise coming ftom the engine. Obviously, this caused us some concern but we were told that the car would be booked in with the local Peugeot dealer and repaired under warranty (car still has 5 months of warranty left). We were aldo told that owing to repairs being needed, we wouldn't be able to collect the car later in the week but were told it would be a week or 2 before we could collect it. We were OK with this. However, after thinking about it overnight I recontacted Motorpoint the following morning to ask them about what warning light was showing. I was told that in fact there wasn't a warning light and that it was their mistake and it must have been a different car and that they had got things mixed up. I was also told that the noise from the engine was in fact the top mount which they reassured me they would arrange for Peugeot to repair under warranty.

After a few days of not hearing anything about the car, I emailed my local Peugeot dealer to find out what was happening with the car. I had an email back saying that the car had never been booked in with them! After hearing this, I was about to contact Motorpoint but they contacted me t say that the car would be ready for the end of the week (this was last week). I asked them how the car was ready when it had never been booked in at Peugeot and was told that becasue of the delay, they had arranged for a local garage to sort out the repair so that we could have the car quicker.

Anyway, we went down to see the car last Friday and it looked very nice. We took it out for a test drive and it was a nice drive too. We decided to go ahead with the purchase however, before signing on the dooted line, I asked the salesman to confirm that the car had a full service history. He said that it did have one and that it had been serviced in December 22. I remember saying that surely the car should have been serviced before then as it was nearly 2 1/2 years old before it's 1st service and I was told that the servicing schedule was either on a yearly basis or on a milegae basis and that the car had actually been serviced 4000 miles before it needed to be as it only had 8k on the clock instead of 12k like Peugeot advises. The salesman again reassured me. When we came to pay, we noticed that the price was 149 more than the list price. We asked about this and were told that this was the cost of transporting the car. We challenged this as we were told that the 149 that we paid would come off the total cost of the car. The salesman denied this and we ended up getting a manager involved who bizarrely stated that we would have to pay 149 extra for the transportation fee although if we decided to go with a different cain their showroom, then the 149 would come off the total price! Anyway, after some negotiation, we were told that they would cover the cost of the car's next service so we aid the 149 extra as we both thought that the next service would be more expensive than the 149 we had paid. We also decided to pay for an exta year of warranty for our peace of mind. We went ahead with the purchase.

Owing to work etc... I didnt have a chance to look thrugh the infotainment manual etc.. until Sunday (27th Feb). As I looked through the paperwork, I saw the service report. The service report was 2 peices of A4 paper with lots of check boxes on it like air filter, oil filter etc... all of the boxes were ticked in pencil. What I then noticed was that there was no details of the grage who had conducted the service, there was also no garage stamp anywhere on the paperwork. Furthermore, the mileage was shown as 13695 but the odometer on the car was only showing 8,800 miles. This casued me some concern and I immediately emailed Motorpint about this. The following day (Monday), I contacted Peugeot abut the service schedule for a 208 and was told that it was either every 12500 miles or every year - whichever was sooner. I then realised that the car had not been regularly serviced and did not have a full service history despite what we'd ben told before buying the car. I was alos further concerned when I saw that the remaining warranty on the car with Peugeot was only valid providing that the car had been regularly serviced which it hadn't been. Also, the extended warranty that we had paid for was also invalid for the same reason!

I have contcted Motorpoint who have said that I can choose a different car with them but that they won't give me a refund.

I'm pretty disappointed with this whole expericence as I feel I've been lied to at every stage...

In summary;

Warning light on dash - then all of a sudden, it didn't have one and that it was their error

Car would be taken to Peugeot to sort issue with top mount but was actually taken to an unknown garage to do the repair (there was no parperwork regading this repair included in documents we were given).

Car had a full service history but in fact had only had 1 service 2 1/2 years since 1st being registered. The service docmentation has no details of the garage conducting the service nor any stamp. Also the mileage on the service report was shown as being 5000 miles more that what was on the odometer of the car.

I believe my options are as follows (but if youre still reading, would appreciate your thoughts);

Get a refund

Arrange for a different vehicle

Ask for written confirmation that should Peugoet not honour warranty, Motorpoint will cover any costs - same with extended warranty and aslo either get a refund for cost of the extended warranty or ask for an extra year for free
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  1. Enchante's avatar
    My suggestions;

    Does motorpoint have a central customer service line seperate from the individual garage ? I think you’d get further with them.

    Your strongest argument is the mileage and what appears to be falsified service history.

    Selling a clocked vehicle is illegal so they need to explain the difference between mileage which is going to be immensely difficult. You need to read up on some information then call them (don’t threaten trading standards because that makes you look daft , they don’t even deal with consumers now as citizens advice bureau does that). A lack of service history isn’t illegal but a falsified one is.

    Personally I’d not have touched it once they mentioned the warning light on a vehicle with such low mileage. I’d also , without the warning light , have walked once they changed their minds about the £149 fee because they send like absolute cowboys.

    At worst it is probably bette to get another vehicle but don’t repeat the same mistakes. It sounds like you have trusted too much what the sales people say, and ultimately they are sales people.
  2. tcf's avatar
    Sounds like you're within your 30 days "short term right to reject" period. You can return the car and Consumer Rights Act 2015 says you can have your full money back, no arguments. Google it. Sounds like the car is a can of worms. Give it back. (edited)
  3. CalmerChameleon's avatar
    You should ask for a refund. You were sold a car under false pretences and isn't up to standard. They have no right to withhold your money and it is illegal for them to do so or to force you to buy another car from them.

    Get everything in writing and demand a refund.

    Terrible service. (edited)
  4. hd321's avatar
    That’s a real shame. I’ve purchased two cars off motorpoint and have found them excellent and others I know who have been recommended.
    Always used to be the cheapest place for second hand motors. Also replaced all four tyres although all legal etc.
    I’ll be frank though I’m an awkward bugger and would have given up on the car at the first hurdle (if I felt they had lied) and not purchased it.
  5. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    as soon as they said it had issues you should have walked away. It's easy to get carried away with new cars etc, but remember this for next time
    zeoxzy's avatar
    Yer, the first few paragraphs had too many red flags to count. Ahh, the benefit of hindsight i guess
  6. Toon_army's avatar
    The 13,695 will be in Km, it works out around 8,509 miles. So it's not been clocked if that was a worry.

    As for warranty, you won't lose a cars 3 or how ever long warranty if its not serviced by the main dealer. The only thing you will lose is the paint warranty as they need to check it every times its in and mark it down.

    And the salesman saying service is only due at 12k miles and time doesnt matter is bull, I've had them try to pull that one on me.
    Went to see a Nissan Micra about 9 years ago, looked through the service book and I noticed there was a 3 and a half year gap, I pulled him he said its fine we've just done a full big service at £2,000 then I explained it hasn't been service for a whole 3 and a half year, he just kept saying the same thing "but its been service now".
    You should service a car EVERY year or if it hits the recommend mileage. I don't even like these long life services dealers used to push on you.

    Did you check the cars oil? Did it look clean or dirty? If its a diesel it'll be dirty but petrols that have been service look golden's avatar
    But you will lose the warranty if services have been skipped as is the case here.

    Got spot about km, you could be right. Although no guarantee, mistakes like this do happen.
  7. jrw's avatar
    Get a refund and never deal with Motorpoint again, nor buy a Peugeot
  8. jaketheplumber's avatar
    You've been lied to on more than one occasion over more than one issue.
    Get a refund would be my advice.
  9. Diogenes007's avatar
    I'm sure you've already read some articles like this…car which outline your options. I guess it comes down to whether you think these were genuine errors on the dealer's part or whether you think they're trying to hoodwink you.

    If it's the latter what confidence will you have in anything further they say? The important point to note is your legal rights diminish after 30 days. Have you thought about contacting your local trading standards? Is the branch of Motorpoint you're dealing with part of any approved trading standards "approved seller" scheme that operates in your area? What would concern me is the detailed mileage on the service of 13,695 does not match the mileage of 8,800 on the odometer, so has the the right paperwork / history for that vehicle been provided?

    If you intend to follow the route of obtaining a refund, you'll need to put everything in writing and notify Motorpoint accordingly, detailing the reasons etc within 30 days of purchase. If the vehicle was advertised with a full service history and your decision to purchase was based on this information and that later transpires to be false, then I would say the dealer is at fault. The problem will be if the dealer refutes that and refuses to give you a refund, then you're faced with taking it to court. Given the fact the car is only 2.5 years old I'm assuming you paid more than the current small claims court limit of £10,000, in which case you wouldn't be able to pursue it in the small claims court.

    You've done the right thing in initially going back to Motorpoint to highlight the issues and give them a chance to put it right but are you happy with their suggested solution of choosing another vehicle? If the answer is no, then contact your local trading standards for advice, they usually have someone dedicated to this area, especially if the dealer participates in any of the local council's approved seller schemes.

    What the law says and what the dealer does can turn out to be two different things.

    Good luck. (edited)
  10. EndlessWaves's avatar
    Get a refund.

    They've told you multiple lies so you've no idea of the car or it's history. It could be fine and all of the issues are made up because they were covering delays/lost paperwork or it could be a total basket case that's suffered lots of abuse.

    It's not a rare car so you shouldn't have any trouble finding another in good condition.
  11. cowtc's avatar
    Reminds me when I bought a Suzuki car from Carshop Northampton. The car had a clutch/gearbox issue that didn't appear during test drive but did appeared on the drive home (I live in another county).

    Carshop were actually really good, took a bit of time and was given a courtesy car for most of the time. Eventually, they figured the repair was not financially viable and gave me full refund. At every stage I was worried they'd do something so I wouldn't have a car or get a refund but no they kept to their word. I might have been lucky but I'll remember the experience.
  12. tcf's avatar
    And if you paid even only 1p of the money on a credit card, you've also got Section 75 protection. Unsatisfactory goods = breach of contract under S75.

    Act within 30 days, as we've all said above. Your rights are GREATLY diminished after 30 days. (edited)
  13. rimalpatel007's avatar
    As soon as they mentioned the warning light you should have walked a way, it's sign for a reason.
  14. BadMF's avatar
    Could have avoided all that by doing a carvertical check for the history of the car. Less than £20 and you wouldn’t have been stuck with a lemon 
    jrw's avatar
    How exactly would that have helped?
  15. Mahir_Uddinth3's avatar
    Get a refund and avoid them for your next car. Keep evidence of everything and all your correspondence with them as seems like they change what they say each time.

    good luck
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