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Bought a car from Motorpoint. Is GardX worth it?

Posted 18th Jun 2013
I've put a deposit down on a car from Motorpoint and the salesman tried flogging loads of extras which I declined at the time. The cars colour is Red and he advised getting this GardX paint to stop it fading. Apparently theres pigments in the red paint that cause it to fade quicker than others. Is it worth it for 300 quid?

Has anyone else bought from Motorpoint and could adise if any of the extras are worth it? E.g. Parking Sensors, Gap Insurance, Extended Guarantee
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What a load of crap. The pigments in that ain't are the same as if you bought the car new from the dealer, and they don't offer it. Motor point and other car supermarkets try to screw you for everything.
not for the paint. and I'd only get gap insurance if the car is new and its on finance. don't see a massive point otherwise
i work in the car industry and i also am a colour technician the car pigment is irrelevent the car is paint is sealed to protect from weather and erosion the guy is just selling you a waxing agent like you buy in most shop car paint is covered under the warranty this comes under the corrosion protection i worked for henkel who supplied all car manufacturers and the guy is just selling a product you can buy in all good car shops like halfords keep your money trust me
It is high profit sale which will earn the salesman about £100 and costs the dealership about £40-50.

Not worth it in my opinion.
Thanks guys will heed your advice!

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