Bought a Drill, Bits advice please

Found 17th May 2009
OK I bought the DeWalt D21710KSF-SFGB for my dad as a few DIY jobs etc and has a rubish drill he bought from the market for a £5 (it blows sparks and what have you). this should help as it has good reviews.

I am a noob at this stuff so what exactly is a Percussion Drill, and the following to do with drills:

Masonry Drill Bits
HSS Drill Bits
SDS Drill Bits
Auger Bits

Does this drill do 'hammer action' so it can remove concrete?

Thank you in advance guys. ow and what starter drill bits should I buy with this?


SDS drill bits won't fit your drill, they are for use in SDS drills only, you don't need them anyway.

I wouldn't bother with the auger bits either, auger bits are usually used in hand powered drills not power drills unless you actually mean brad point bits

Hi a percussion drill is a different version of a hammer drill usually more expensive and drills into concrete lintels a lot easier than a standard hammer drill To remove concrete a SDS drill is required with the appropriate chisels
like these…/SD

HSS stands for High speed steel and is used for metal drilling but can be also used for wood (although not ideal)
masonry drills are of course are what the name implies and the usual size drills used around home are 5.5mm used with red rawl pugs and 7mm used with brown rawl plugs
You will not need any other bits and apart from the set bellow for now

This is a good set to start with…mit

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thanks guys

Google is your friend

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it is indeed. lol

yep as already said, you dont want an SDS bit unless youve got an SDS drill. and if its just for general diy, your dad wont need an SDS drill, unless hes planning on removing/boring into any lintels anytime soon!
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