Posted 1st Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 1 m ago)
Happy new year all.
Purchased a soundbar off Facebook marketplace. Whilst it's not entirely a fake, it's a lesser version than what was advertised. After purchase I noticed it had a peel of sticker. I registered it with the Samsung app smartthings and it confirmed it was a lower model. Have texted the seller and messaged him. He hasn't answered.
Do I have any other options, could I try chargeback from my bank as paid for it by bank transfer.
I doubt there if there is a way to get my money back but do I have any options
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    Sold as seen. A bit pointless doing a chargeback, if I was selling something 2nd hand and someone did a chargeback, I'd feel a little betrayed.

    You've mentioned you picked it up, so you had the opportunity to check it was working and inspect the item - and concluded it was worth purchasing.

    This is the risk you take when trying to find a bargain and go the 2nd hand route. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. That's why its always a little better to pay more and buy off a reputable seller than to chance it. I guess you've learnt your lesson, and next time when you buy something more valuable you will be a bit more careful. I've made the same mistake before, and since then I never made it again. (edited)
    Has no one read that he contacted seller and they haven't replied. Most likely a scammer. I'd charge back if it's option and get seller to collect it as a lesson. This all depends on item cost...
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    Your clickbait title already has me siding with the other guy. Anyway id be interested in knowing the model numbers, its inbtersting you didnt provide them.
    Model number is irrelevant. In spite of title, most of us understand what he means. OP is asking for suggestions on how to deal with the matter of deception.
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    You got burnt, it happens. It’s part of the risk you take when you buy preowned, not through proper channels. I would just take it on the chin and go about with the rest of my day.
    Will give it a shot with the bank but yea, got burnt, learns a lesson, move on. Not an entire loss. Its still worth 75% what I paid
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    Did you go pick it up?? Me personally I would go around there and demand my money back ( I don’t condone violence )
    Yes I did go In person and collect it, was 50 miles away
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    It’s not a “fake” soundbar, but it seems like it’s a case of the Item wasn’t as described. Really though when buying through FB marketplace it’s sold as seen unfortunately. Just chalk this one down to experience and remember to carefully check what you are buying next time. (edited)
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    Presumably, you have their address AND phone number. Have you telephoned (a number of times)?

    Then, if they refuse to answer, visit in person.

    If you try and reverse payment without doing these (at the very least), then you're not much better.

    I know it's inconvenient, but that's the risk you undertook. (edited)
    Yes have number and contact number. If I was able to reverse the transaction, they are welcome to come and collect it
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    Unless you paid by card a Chargeback wont work I'm afraid - chargebacks are protection offered via Visa and Mastercard etc. and not bank transfer.
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    You need to take it on the chin.
    Sold as seen, you had full opportunity to inspect the item before paying and didn't notice it was not the model you thought it was.
    Buyer beware.
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    Isn't this for when payment is made through fb
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    yeah fb marketplace wont give a monkeys
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    Does this not fall into category of fraud? If so I'd contact police, at least the department or website that deals with this. Minimum report to Facebook and any seller groups that you think might be relevant...
    I don’t think the police would be interested in this whatsoever. They’d just put it down as a case of the buyer not checking what they were buying unfortunately.
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    So was the item misadvertised as a higher priced item with the model number covered?
    Yes with a fake sticker making it appear to be the more expensive model
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