Bought a HMV gift voucher from Asda?

Found 20th Jan 2013
Not really known but Asda stores are honoring all HMV gift cards bought in any of their 120 stores that sell them.
All you have to do is go into store with proof of purchase (receipt or bank statement) to the face value on the card regardless of the actual balance on the card (This is because asda cannot see the actual amount on the card)
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This was on a couple of days ago, Tesco are acceptting them too, Boots is TBC.

MSE are running a blog on it and will update as soon as more stores offer to acceptthe vouchers.
Do other stores accept bank statement as proof of payment if you've lost a receipt ?
Never though of that before
Bank statement is a valid form of proof of purchase so you should be ok, as long as you bought it from that store. Might be a bit more tricky though if you bought more than 1 item and therefore the amoaunt on the b/s is more than the voucher. I think They ar ebasically hoping you will spend more than is on the voucher so they get more money but who knows.
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