Posted 1st Jan 2023 (Posted 11 h, 26 m ago)
I bought this jacket in the Boxing Day sales from pretty green and wore it new years night in the local pub. I wasn't out in the rain as we got in there before it started.

Anyways all night I was thinking my hand look dark , getting home at 2am taking this off I noticed my arms , hands , neck , hair , the wife's top , the sideboards , the door frame and other things I'd handled all now covered in blue dye. The kitchen worktop stains won't come out and I've had to wire wool my arms and the wife has had to shave my hair at the back.

I have contacted PG customer services but where do I stand with this it's damaged a fair bit of the kitchen surfaces , I now look like an extra from the Smurfs with a shaven head.

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    Opportunity for a part in Avatar 3.
    That will be in 2035
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    Sorry to hear that you got dye everywhere including your wife’s top but it could have been worse though, you could you have gotten in to bed and been caught blue handed. (edited)
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    This is hilarious, sorry nice jacket btw
    I wouldn't count on much from them but obviously worth a try
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    Their defence will be, and to be honest i cant believe you didn’t, to wash all products first before use.
    Who does that? I don't. I want to keep my garments looking brand new for as long as possible, as washing always fades them.
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    Do you still have the original labels etc, as if you do I'd check to see if it states about washing it first, then go from there.
    I’ll check it later matey , tags are very simple on these. I must have got 30 PG jackets and it’s never happened before.
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    OMG … is that what I think it is on the towel

    Well I guess it is that time of jolly
    Don’t worry it’s a torch
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    Look on the bright side.
    At least you didn't wash it with other clothes and ruin a whole washload.
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    At least it wasn't in green, otherwise you would have ended up looking like the Jolly Green Giant or the Hulk.
    I was tempted to buy the green one
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    What the smurf!
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    Pretty Green? You look pretty blue!

    I’m guessing the manufacturer didn’t fix the dye in the cotton material. Hope you get it resolved.
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    I'm guessing you'd have to take them to court as I doubt they'd willingly pay for kitchen surfaces and they're probably going to claim you didn't wash it first (edited)
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    On kitchen surface does a light bleach not lift it?
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    Hmm, are you entertaining at all, I know a group that may be of interest to you

    Seriously though, don't see this complaint going anywhere as on almost all clothes it states to wash clothes before use for this very reason. I'm not being an ass about it though, as we all have moments of "ahh sh!t" when we've done something by mistake or just not thinking clearly... I had a similar problem in my mid 20's wearing t-shirts straight out of the wrapping, especially at concerts. In my experience, it takes a day or 2 at most for the dye to come off, don't go scrubbing your skin too much. As for the worktop, Get some pink stuff, scrub it in and leave it for an hour and see if that helps, if not, then try vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.
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    I bought a black snuddie from Primark recently and it's stained the arms of our cream sofa however the sofa is 6 years old so not an issue as due to be replaced anyway this year but wouldn't have been happy if sofa was new
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    I know he sold it but....

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    Love your work

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    Opportunity for a part in Sonic
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    part 2 (edited)
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    Baking soda paste may remove colour from your skin...probably going to have to wait until it grows out.
    barkeepers friend, or pink stuff will sort your counter top.
    Make a formal complaint in writing (email would do) to their hq, and ask what they intend to do about it...and take it from there.
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    What a banger!!

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    You'll get a better reply on r/legaladviceUK - I've seen clothes with a warning label stating dye may transfer when wet in recent times. I thought it a bit odd, now I see.
    Probably an accidental claim on home insurance - cant see them offering any more than a refund and at best covering your insurance excess.
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    I had something similar happen many years ago - bought a pair of motorcycle gloves from a local bike shop place run by a bit of a wideboy wheeler dealer type and wore them on a rainy ride to London, about 40 miles away. When I got there my hands were soaked and completely blue, and no amount of washing would shift it and going home wasn't an option.

    I was in London for a club night and got some really odd looks off the other punters so I just tried to look like I was pionering an exciting new fashion statement (this was the Second Summer of Love so could have been the latest chicago acid house trend). It took about 2 days of washing and scrubbing with a pumice store before I finally lost my smurf hands.
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    You can argue with them until you're blue in the face.

    But that's not very funny in this instance.
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